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The Inaugural Lions Moreton Bay 100 Charity Bike Ride event was held on Sunday 18 September 2011 with 415 participants. In August 2013 the Imperial Challenge 100 mile was introduced to cater for the more professional cycle enthusiasts in this area and has been growing each year.

For the bold of heart and strong of knee, The Morayfield Road Super Cycles Imperial Challenge presents a worthy opportunity for the more experienced cyclist.
The Torque Toyota Century covers some of the best riding in the district with enough hills to add a little challenge.
The Kartia Designs Classic offers a relaxed cycle route which takes you around the beautiful Moreton Bay waterfront.

The 100km attracts the greatest number of participants with the 65km being very suitable for the social cyclist.

The MB100 is not a race and we are proud to promote this fact; it is important to encourage anybody and everybody who wants to be involved at whatever level of participation is most suitable to themselves. This year LYEAC is also excited to say that we have enthusiastic cycling club members on our MB100 organisation committee which will aid enormously in enabling this event to grow. Their experience and enthusiasm will also encourage and enable new participants to enjoy the event who perhaps will then take up the opportunity to become more actively involved in local cycling clubs.

Individual participants will have the opportunity of meeting other cycling enthusiasts at the event and this may develop into their gaining knowledge of Cycling Clubs or Groups with which they may develop an association. Established Cycling Clubs or Groups may find prospective members for their Club or Group.